Real-Time Bidding for Video

LiveRail technology lies at the heart of video’s growing real-time bidding (RTB) ecosystem, making billions of daily transaction decisions on behalf of the most sophisticated online media and advertising companies. Our RTB-infrastructure takes into account dozens of complex campaign and yield objectives, audience data and custom audience segments, and proprietary market pricing data to suggest the optimal price floor for inventory.

Our proprietary market-analysis technology is able to extrapolate pricing trends by forecasting supply and demand curves, creating a real-time evolving economic model that informs and refines our pricing optimization decisioning.

LiveRail’s cloud based RTB-infrastructure was designed from the ground up for massive scale. LiveRail runs on Facebook’s advanced cloud-based infrastructure, the same infrastructure that handles the evaluation of over 500 trillion ads for targeting each day. Our infrastructure is capable of processing billions of impressions in the most demanding ad environments across web, mobile, and IPTV, with minimum latency.


LiveRail connects publishers to all major ad networks, demand side platforms (DSPs), ad exchanges, and trading desks, centralizing buyers to create a unified real-time bidding auction that drives competition for inventory.

LiveRail’s infrastructure is also designed to be fully open, enabling both supply and demand-side customers to access our platform from multiple entry-points and integration types either via our UI, via their own custom bidding/optimization infrastructure, or by integrating LiveRail functionality into their existing tools/dashboards via our APIs.

Through a single integration, our clients can get access to a vast RTB ecosystem. We empower them with a consolidated, self-optimizing platform that combines powerful people-based targeting, pricing, and contextual data.