Data Management

Data is Core to the Real-Time Ad Ecosystem

For buyers, LiveRail makes it easy to forecast inventory availability across the supply-ecosystem, giving unique insights into the availability and cost of inventory for key audience segments from across all exchanges. LiveRail makes these audiences targetable, in real-time across your supply partners, and then provides detailed reporting and analytics.

Using this audience-aware reporting, buyers gain unparalleled analysis of performance, helping to facilitate improved buying practices. For sellers, LiveRail gives you and your sales team audience breakdowns of your inventory and impressions, enabling you to truly understand which audiences drive revenue, and allows you to use this data in powerful ways for reach extension and retargeting.

First and Third Party Data

LiveRail brings together your own first-party, and the industry’s most popular sources of third-party data into a single platform. Our clients can seamlessly integrate their proprietary audience intelligence into the platform to use in campaigns, access reporting data, and commission log-level data feeds for sophisticated analysis and reporting. LiveRail is also natively pre-integrated with the leading third-party audience vendors, giving you always-on access to the industry’s most popular data sources. Buyers on the LiveRail platform can easily access data segments from contextual, semantic, and behavioral data providers including Peer39, Proximic, eXelate, BlueKai, and many others. If you wish to manage your own data warehouse, our integrated cloud hosting allows easy access for pushing or pulling data and layers of security to keep your data safe.

Audience Aware Reporting

Post-impression, LiveRail can provide detailed, granular reports on exactly where ads were delivered and how they performed with data organized by audience segments from across both your first and third- party data sources. Understand which audiences delivered the highest engagement levels, which performed best in terms of metrics like revenue, cost, and conversion.

Reach Extension and Re-Targeting

Whether you’re a publisher looking to extend your reach and empower your sales team to sell expanded inventory on your unique user-base, or a buyer looking to find your customers again online and reach them on a retargeted basis, using LiveRail you can now re-target audiences from third-party inventory sources.

Understanding Audience Inventory

For both buyers and sellers, LiveRail’s audience reporting on inventory is invaluable. We track any/all audience data across all major supply sources and provide pricing insights across these audience segments. This enables you to gain instant insights into what audience segments are available both your own O&O inventory, and on third-party exchanges, and forecast pricing opportunities across these segments.