CheckPoint Creative Quarantine

CheckPoint allows publishers to block ads from specific advertisers or ad categories

CheckPoint is automated creative quarantine technology that allows publishers to quarantine and block potentially inappropriate ads. Categories like alcohol and tobacco, as well as ads containing violent or risqué content, that may have otherwise been served via third-party buyers, can be blocked using CheckPoint.

The solution can also be leveraged to remove potentially competitive ads and ensure direct-sold campaigns maintain product exclusivity across the site. This allows publishers to leverage RTB demand sources without fear of sales channel conflict. LiveRail has partnered with many of the world’s largest RTB buyers to pioneer the CheckPoint standard, ensuring cross-compatibility between their buy-side platforms and LiveRail’s publisher toolset.

How CheckPoint Works

LiveRail digests unique creative IDs for responses received from participating ad networks. When ad inventory becomes available and a new creative ID is received, the ad is cached into CheckPoint. Each unique creative ID is assigned for advertisers and ad categories. When inventory becomes available and the creative ID is provided for another ad opportunity, ads that are unknown or that appear on a publisher’s entity list for blocked advertiser or category will be limited from delivery.

Identifying categories and advertisers from video ad creatives

checkpoint.floowchart.4 (1)

LiveRail uses a proprietary CheckPoint dictionary for advertiser and category modeled on simple hierarchies from the IAB and our partners. Ads can be curated for multiple advertisers and multiple categories based on the product or service being advertised. Clear logo branding in the ad content, title slides, and click-thru URL are considered for identification. Advertiser data that is passed from third party ad networks will also be validated by the LiveRail Market Operations group.


Using Checkpoint, premium publishers can utilize RTB without fear of sales channel conflict. Download our one-page overview and learn more about this exclusive technology feature only available on the LiveRail platform.