The View from the Buy-Side with TubeMogul

In our  most recent blog post, CEO Mark Trefgarne presented our newest white paper on Private Exchange for Video and explained the unique insights publishers will gain from the white paper as it details what we’ve learned at LiveRail.

With this blog post we present the first in a series of posts that highlight industry viewpoints on Private Exchange for Video from the view of innovative thought leaders. This interview, featuring TubeMogul’s CEO Co-Founder Brett Wilson, presents exclusive insight into the perspective of the buy-side of Private Exchange.

Can you describe TubeMogul’s approach to video?

TubeMogul is a media buying platform for video advertising that is built for branding. We acquire inventory from biddable marketplaces of media and make it simple, effective and safe for advertisers.”

How much value do you put on premium publishers, versus audience?

“For our clients [brand advertisers] there is a major focus on relevant context and premium placements and publishers. While we frequently see audience targeted campaigns, it is typically only within a set of highly curated sites and environments.”

How is this strategy different for video versus display?

“I think it’s quite a bit different. When buying display the objective is typically to get someone to click and do something, so it’s more action or direct response oriented. Video advertising is brand-focused with the objective of persuading and influencing a target audience and moving upper funnel behaviors like awareness and purchase intent. For brand marketers it’s critical to understand and control the environments where their brand ads are seen.”

What are your thoughts on buying from a private exchange?

“It’s a powerful way for a publisher to enjoy the benefits of RTB without compromising their direct sales efforts. Benefits include streamlined work flow, lower sales costs, more information back to their direct sales force and sometimes higher CPMs. We’re really excited about private marketplaces.”

To read the full interview, including Brett’s thoughts on long term trends and the biggest challenges of video today,  download the Private Exchange for Video white paper.