Welcome to a New World of Monetization

The shift of media consumption from traditional television to smartphones, tablets, and an array of other connected devices, has advertisers following suit, with digital ad spending forecasted to surpass traditional television spend by 2017. At the same time, Nielsen OCR data shows that the digital industry is less than 60% accurate in demographic targeting of ads, which means that four in 10 people are seeing the wrong ads.


To address these challenges and capture ad spend, publishers need advanced technology with accurate targeting that works across devices, the ability to sell high performing formats that drive results, and granular controls and insights that enable you to successfully monetize and maximize ad revenue.

Sell Audience Targeted Campaigns


Leverage the Power of Facebook’s People-Based Targeting

People, not impressions, are what advertisers care about. LiveRail uses information about people who use Facebook, such as demographics, to help you accurately target ads to specific audiences. Our unique people-based targeting capabilities allow you to segment and sell your inventory more effectively, minimizing waste and further driving results for your advertisers.

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Maximize Revenue with One Platform

Holistic Yield Management

The LiveRail platform allows you to easily manage and optimize your mobile and desktop demand sources, including direct advertiser relationships and third-party demand sources, all in one place. By taking this holistic approach, you can fully understand the trade-off of filling an impression with one source versus another, with the option to have all sources compete so you can maximize yield for every impression.

With LiveRail, you can control how you sell, who you sell to, and at what price. You’ll also be able to target real people to drive results for your advertisers, and sell high value formats.

Monetize Video

With roots in video, LiveRail enables publishers to seamlessly deliver, manage, optimize and track video advertising across devices. Learn More.

In-App Monetization

With advanced capabilities developed specifically for mobile, we’ll help ensure seamless delivery for video ad units on mobile web and in apps, as well traditional display units like banner, interstitial, and native in apps. Learn More.


Driving the Optimal Outcome for Publishers

Maximize Revenue Through Optimization

LiveRail’s optimization technology uses a combination of real-time bidding and proprietary market data to ensure the optimal ad decision is made. With LiveRail, demand sources all compete simultaneously for each of your impressions, maximizing fill rates and CPMs, without compromising your users’ experience. Our team of experts works closely with you to make adjustments that will help drive further efficiency and optimize campaigns.


Access Unique Demand

LiveRail connects publishers to major ad networks, Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), trading desks, and exchanges. Step one is on-boarding your existing demand relationships to the platform, centralizing your buyers within LiveRail to create a unified auction that drives competition for inventory. Your account manager can work with you to help secure new buyer relationships with relevant demand partners worldwide, and on-board them to the platform. With LiveRail, buyers compete and you win.


Facebook’s Audience Network

From local businesses to global brands, you can get access to Facebook’s 2 million advertisers, many of which are looking to extend their Facebook campaigns into mobile apps.

Featuring real-time optimization capabilities, ads are automatically rendered to fit the ad units you choose. With nearly half of all impressions on the Audience Network being native ads, our team can help you determine the look and feel, size, and location of native ads so they fit seamlessly in your app. Learn More.

Sell Smarter and Safer with Advanced Control

Control Access to Inventory

The LiveRail Private Exchange (PX) allows you to create invitation-only programmatic connections with strategic buyers. Create a premium, highly-branded bidding environment with strict inventory-access and pricing controls that give weighted-priority to preferred buyers.

Intelligent Pricing Floors

LiveRail’s price floor algorithms analyze historic bidding patterns, audience segment values, and your business rules to suggest the optimal price floor for your inventory.

Online GRP Optimization

With the LiveRail OCR Dashboard, you can view all Nielsen campaign metrics directly through our platform to track the status of campaigns. This powerful tool helps minimize waste from GRP-based campaigns such as Nielsen OCR, to increase your revenue and improve efficiency.


Inspector provides publishers with a real-time view of each auction on player load. With Inspector, publishers can watch individual auctions happen in real-time, monitoring which buyers bid, how much they pay, and why they win.


Our CheckPoint feature automatically quarantines and curates all incoming ads from third-party buyers so you can block specific advertisers, or entire brand categories, and set rules that apply to incoming creative. CheckPoint gives you controls that help avoid sales channel conflict, safeguard strategic advertiser relationships, and protect viewer experience. Learn More.

Real-Time Insights Into Your Ad Business

Real-Time Analytics

LiveRail updates available data immediately so you can get new, actionable insights into buyer behavior and the effectiveness of your monetization efforts. Run ad-hoc or scheduled reports to track and pivot against every possible revenue and performance metric — including robust data for large syndication networks and content owners with complex rev-share agreements.


Our advanced analytics provide valuable information, like which ad placement performed better, so you can make better decisions to attract and retain advertisers, reduce waste, and increase revenue.

Better Technology Equals Better Results for Publishers

Complete API Access

LiveRail’s award winning product is built on top of our own APIs. This means you have the same incredible, deep-level access to LiveRail’s core platform as we do. You can use this powerful tool to build your own dashboards, reporting or optimization tools or even entire new UIs, on top of the LiveRail technology stack.

Advanced and Stable Infrastructure

LiveRail runs on Facebook’s advanced cloud-based infrastructure. Our highly scalable architecture is designed for the most demanding of ad environments.


Hello, We’d Love to Meet You

We believe that publishers need a trusted partner, not just another technology vendor. LiveRail prides itself on understanding the needs of video publishers and providing a unique, tailored service that helps them navigate the complex, fast-evolving world of programmatic video. We are 100% aligned with publisher interests. Meet Our Leadership Team