LiveRail is Joining Facebook!

Today we’re extremely excited to announce that LiveRail has agreed to be acquired by Facebook.

When Andrei and I started LiveRail seven years ago, it was with the vision of creating a next generation advertising platform designed specifically for digital video. We believed that over the coming years, television would increasingly move to the Internet, and that both broadcasters and advertisers would follow viewers into this new digital TV age. Our goal at LiveRail has been to build the best technology in the world to help connect the digital video advertising ecosystem.

Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work building products that fulfill that vision. Today LiveRail is the world’s largest programmatic platform for video publishers, with 170 employees across four offices, hundreds of active customers and over 7bn video ads delivered each month, our platform sits at the heart of the video advertising ecosystem. But this is only the start of our mission.

When we started talking to the team at Facebook about how we could work together, it quickly became clear that we shared a vision for the future of digital advertising. They believed, as we do, that publishers deserve a new generation of audience-aware advertising technology. We realized that by joining forces we’d be able to draw upon our respective strengths to move even faster towards our shared vision of creating the advertising platform of the future.

This announcement marks the beginning of a new chapter for the team at LiveRail, and I’m incredibly grateful to all the amazing people who have helped build this company to where it stands today. I’m confident that as part of the Facebook family, our team has the opportunity to redefine the ad tech landscape and set a new standard in technology for publishers.