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Platform for Publishers.

LiveRail is trusted by the world's largest video publishers. We combine the most sophisticated technology with industry leading service to help publishers successfully navigate the programmatic advertising landscape. With LiveRail, publishers drive increased revenue, gain deep insights with real-time analytics, improve viewer experience through lower latency, and achieve unparalleled control over their programmatic buyers.

Driving the Optimal Outcome for Video Publishers

Connect to the Demand Ecosystem

LiveRail connects publishers to all major Ad Networks, DSPs, Trading Desks, and Exchanges. Step one is onboarding your existing demand relationships to the platform, which centralizes your buyers within LiveRail to create a unified auction that drives competition for inventory. Your account manager will then work with you to help secure new buyer relationships with relevant demand partners worldwide and on-board them to the platform. With LiveRail, buyers compete and you win with higher revenue.

Maximize the Revenue Through Optimization

LiveRail’s optimization technology uses a combination of real-time bidding and proprietary market data to ensure we make optimal ad decisions for each video stream. With LiveRail, demand sources (and optionally, your agency-direct campaigns) all compete simultaneously for each impression, maximizing your fill rates and CPMs without impacting latency. Your account manager will regularly monitor performance and work with you to make adjustments that help drive further efficiency and even higher revenue.

The Industry's Leading Video Private Exchange

Control Access to Inventory

The LiveRail Video Private Exchange (VPX) allows you to create invitation-only programmatic connections with strategic buyers (such as with agency trading desks). Create a highly-branded bidding environment with strict inventory access and pricing controls that give weighted-priority to preferred buyers.

Intelligent Pricing Floors

LiveRail’s price floor algorithms analyze historic bidding patterns, audience segment values, and your business rules to dynamically set the optimal price floor for your inventory.

Online GRP Optimization

LiveRail helps publishers minimize waste from GRP-based campaigns such as Nielsen OCR, helping drive greater efficiency and driving improved monetization. The LiveRail OCR Diagnostic Tool gives publishers detailed placement demographics prior to a campaign so they understand how their site placements perform for demographics.

Unique Industry Expertise

Our Private Exchange Services group comprises of a dedicated team of industry experts that engage exclusively with VPX clients, providing a unique market perspective and guidance on best practices to help publishers succeed.

A Guide to Video Private Exchange

Over the last two years, we’ve helped many premium publishers develop and deploy their programmatic strategies. These experiences have given us a unique perspective and allowed us to develop a set of best practices around embracing programmatic video. With this video private exchange white paper, we’re hoping to share some of those learnings and foster a dialog about how publishers can tap into the huge and fast-growing pool of programmatic ad dollars.

Sell Smarter and Safer with Absolute Control


CheckPoint is a breakthrough technology for premium publishers that automatically quarantines and curates all incoming video ads from third-party buyers. With Checkpoint, you can automatically block specific advertisers or entire brand categories, and set rules that apply to every incoming creative. Checkpoint gives publishers absolute control Read More


Inspector provides publishers with a real-time view of each auction on player load. With Inspector, publishers can watch individual auctions happen in real-time, monitoring which buyers bid, how much they pay, and why they win.


Using Checkpoint, premium video publishers can utilize RTB without fear of sales channel conflict. Download our one-page overview and learn more about this exclusive technology feature that is only available on the LiveRail platform.

Video Ad Ops: Solved

Ad Serving

The LiveRail Ad Server is built from the ground up for video. That means publishers have the most powerful tools to manage their advertiser-direct guaranteed campaigns. From forecasting inventory by show, geo, or device, to trafficking, targeting, and reporting – LiveRail’s MRC-certified ad server is ideal for broadcasters, individual publishers, and large networks comprising of hundreds of sites and apps.

We streamline common workflows, eliminating the most frequent sources of headaches associated with the complex, multi-site, multi-platform video ad campaigns. With LiveRail, ad operations teams typically see a 30-40 percent reduction in the average time taken to traffic new orders, while bringing powerful video-specific features like support for live events and Nielsen OCR optimization.

Real-Time Insights Into a Real-Time Market

Real-Time Analytics

Our data updates every second, giving publishers the ability to track their business in real-time, and providing new, actionable insights into buyer behavior. Run blazing fast ad-hoc reports and track and pivot against every possible revenue and performance metric, including robust data for large syndication networks and content owners with complex rev-share agreements.

Deliver and Monetize Video on Any Screen


LiveRail enables publishers to seamlessly manage and track advertising across devices via our VPAID-compliant, RTB-ready HTML5 component. Our platform automatically recognizes non-flash environments and adjusts appropriately, creating a seamless and unified advertising experience. We also transcode video assets natively, taking the headache out of cross-platform delivery.

iOS & Android

As publishers increasingly seek to manage video advertising across devices, LiveRail is committed to building scalable tools and SDKs that make cross-platform delivery seamless. LiveRail provides pre-built RTB-ready SDKs for both iOS and Android, and is also certified for delivery to most connected TVs and games console platforms.

State of the Screens

Consumers are increasingly watching content anywhere, at any time, using all available connected devices for video consumption. This State of the Screens guide provides an in-depth look at trends and data across devices including connected devices, mobile phones and tablets, and  over-the-top devices.

Better Technology Equals Better Results for Publishers

Complete API Access

LiveRail’s award winning product is built on top of our own APIs. This means our clients have the same incredible, deep-level access to LiveRail’s core platform as we do. Clients can use this powerful tool to build their own dashboards, reporting or optimization tools, or even entire new UIs on top of the LiveRail technology stack.

Stable, Scalable Infrastructure

LiveRail runs on the industry’s most advanced cloud-based infrastructure custom developed for video ad serving and geo-distributed across multiple data centers in each key market. LiveRail’s highly scalable architecture is designed for the most demanding video environments. With LiveRail, publishers have the confidence that their ads are always delivering and that their viewers never have to wait.


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