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About LiveRail


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LiveRail, a Facebook company, is a leading monetization platform for publishers, broadcasters, and mobile app developers, providing them with technology to sell their inventory smarter and safer across devices. Watch Now.
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A Technology Company at Heart

Our technology is used by hundreds of major publishers who benefit from sophisticated analytics, advanced controls, and unparalleled transparency, ultimately generating maximum yield for every ad impression. Watch Now.

We help over 200 companies sell their inventory smarter and safer.

Recent News & Blog Posts

Aug 20

ExchangeWire Trader Talk with LiveRail Head of International [Video]

Our Head of International sits down with ExchangeWire to discuss challenges of mobile advertising and cross-device targeting.  Read Now.

Jul 22

Q&A With Ashwin Puri - Head of APAC

We're pleased to welcome Ashwin Puri to the LiveRail team! Learn more about our new Head of APAC and the state of the region's programmatic market. Read Now.

Aug 3

How to Survive Flashpocalypse

What should publishers be doing to prepare for the looming "Flashpocalypse"? In this post, we share the five critical steps to ensure the impact on your business is minimized.  Read Now.

Jul 8

Major League Gaming Shares Mobile Strategy

LiveRail client Major League Gaming shares advice for publishers who are dealing with the seismic shift of consumption from desktop to mobile, their shift in strategy, and other insights, in this interview featured in our recent white paper - A Publisher's Guide to Video Private Exchange.  Read Now.

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Client Profiles


Client Profile


Songza enables advertisers to reach the right users at the right time based on exactly what the user is doing at that moment.

Client Profile

Meta cafe

Metacafe is the first and only entertainment destination solely dedicated to showcasing the best short-form videos from the world of Movies, Video Games, TV, Music, and Sports.

Client Profile

Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming (MLG) is the world’s largest eSports organization with millions of LIVE viewers, fans, and competitors around the globe.

Our Technology


LiveRail technology lies at the heart of video’s growing real-time bidding (RTB) ecosystem, making billions of daily transaction decisions on behalf of the most sophisticated online media and advertising companies.


The CheckPoint automated creative quarantine technology is the first of its kind, allowing publishers to quarantine and block potentially inappropriate ads from categories like alcohol and tobacco.

People-Based Targeting

LiveRail uses information about people who use Facebook, such as age and gender, to help you accurately target ads to specific audiences and drive results for your buyers.